The Oxygen and Oxidative Therapies: broad utility in treating chronic degenerative disease and in anti-aging. (Ozone, ultraviolet blood irradiation, hydrogen peroxide IV)

Lately, a few patients have noticed that others in the IV room are getting an interesting treatment whereby their own blood is being re-infused after treatment with ozone gas.  Inevitably, the interest of seeing a patient’s own blood, instead of the B-vitamin rich yellow fluids most people see, sparks conversation.  The patient getting the ozone treatment, called major autohemotherapy, then proceeds to explain how after the first treatment, energy and mood started to improve noticeably, and then further into the course of 6-10 treatments the chief complaint (usually of recurrent infections, fatigue, muscle/joint pain, or allergies) improves.   Inevitably though, the mechanisms of the treatment aren’t always explained by the patient because they don’t understand it themselves completely.  

Therefore, this newsletter will give an abbreviated description of the mechanism in the manner that I describe to patients.  With the mechanism, the diseases and complaints treated then become easily apparent. 

In medicine, the paradigm has always been extremely linear.  The doctor makes a diagnosis based on symptoms and history, and then for each individual diagnosis there is an individual drug.  In naturopathic medicine, this linear method is important but it must be supported with non-linear thinking and treatments.  Basically, the non-linear components are cellular nutrition and cellular detoxification. If a cell has all the resources it needs, and is not impeded by toxins, healing can be greatly expedited.  Advanced, aggressive, interventional naturopathic treatments such as ozone treatments of the blood (cellular nutrition and detoxification) combined with chelation therapy (cellular detoxification) make an amazing treatment for chronic diseases; and when combined with diet and exercise, there is no better anti-aging program.

The reason why the oxygen/oxidative therapies (ozone) and chelation have always been so controversial (even more controversial than the fact that vitamins and minerals might be useful in treating non-deficiency related diseases!) is that they don’t fit into the linear paradigm.  In other words, while they are the crown-jewels of healing for many doctors, they are just too good and their use is too broad to be received by conventional medicine.  Even chelation therapy is subject to the same limitations, as the $30 million dollar study by the National Institutes of Health is limited to a subset of cardiovascular patients, those who have already had heart attacks, even though its’ use is so much more broad.  Ozone falls into the same category, but more so.  Instead of just detoxifying cells, as chelation does, ozone also provides the most important nutritional component to cells, energy: ozone stimulates and restores cellular energy production.  


In fact, almost all chronic diseases have the common factor of decreased mitochondrial energy production.  Even the aging process itself has been shown to have this single problem at the cellular level.  When a patient receives a chelation treatment, they detoxify heavy metals that block energy production pathways.  When a patient receives an ozone treatment, they stimulate the energy producing pathways of the cells.  The combination has a remarkable healing process on many diseases; however the most clinically remarkable effect involve two groups of diseases: 1) diseases improved by better delivery and utilization of oxygen: hypoglycemia, diabetes, fatigue and 2) diseases with an aberrant immune system component: chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia, allergies, auto-immune disease/arthritis, supportive care in cancer, and recurrent infections.  The most likely reason for these two improvements involve the types of cells that we treat when we give ozone to the blood and then reinfuse the blood.

Our blood is made of two types of cells which include the red blood cells and the white blood cells.  The first group of diseases always improves when we improve our metabolism and the efficiency with which we combine our food substrates with oxygen to make energy.  For example, when we metabolize sugar, if we run at 100% efficiency each molecule of sugar will generate 38 units of energy.  This occurs when that molecule of sugar goes through a series of reactions and then ultimately reacts with oxygen.  If that molecule of sugar does not react with oxygen but instead inefficiently ferments, then we get 2 units of energy only.  The initial result is that the cells must burn much more sugar in order to get the same out put of energy – the result is hypoglycemia and/or fatigue.  When this energy production becomes even more inefficient then the result is diabetes.  Thus when we give ozone treatments (through the mechanisms described below) this energy production is restored to a better efficiency and hypoglycemic attacks disappear, fatigue is replaced with energy.

The second group of diseases improves from ozone’s effects on the white blood cells.  The white blood cells in the blood make up an important part of the immune system.  A researcher out of Italy, Dr Bocci, has shown that ozone treatments of the blood in the form of major autohemotherapy increase remarkably two chemicals called interferon gamma and tumor necrosis factor alpha.  These chemicals are called cytokines and are specifically responsible for a rebalancing and stimulation of the immune system.  This effect is most remarkable in pain and fatigue associated with a deranged immune system; the effect is even more amazing in cases of auto-immune type arthritis.  In cancer, it is a useful adjunctive therapy to keep the patient strong during chemotherapy and radiation and also to help the immune system to fight the cancer.  

With these effects on these two types of cells alone, ozone treatments would definitely fall into the realm of the most important medical treatments available.  When combined with an aggressive detoxification program (chelation), the anti-aging effects are incredible.  It is unfortunate that the linear paradigm of having one diagnosis, and then one drug for that single diagnosis is so unyielding that therapies with multiple utilities immediately are discounted. Nonetheless, as a treatment for my patients, it works remarkably well.

Ozone FAQ

This FAQ is designed to help you understand how ozone therapy may help patients with:

  • cardiovascular disease (especially angina)
  • chronic fatigue/pain (poor oxygen utilization)
  • allergies and sensitivities

What is ozone?

Ozone is an energized form of oxygen that is highly reactive. The oxygen that we breathe is actually two molecules of oxygen bonded to each other. Ozone is made from medical oxygen and a machine that provides electrical energy. Ozone is actually three molecules of oxygen bonded to each other.

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone therapy is a simple naturopathic medical procedure that improves both circulation and utilization of oxygen by the tissues. Circulation is improved as ozone decreases the thickness and viscosity of the blood, and may stimulate dilation and relaxation of the artery walls. This can help compensate for blockages in the arteries from fats (atheromatous plaques).

Ozone also has very well-defined effects on the immune system, particularly by regulating the activity of the white blood cells. This makes it extremely useful in allergic and autoimmune conditions.

The naturopathic procedure is similar to an IV treatment. A small amount of blood, roughly 100 - 250 mls, is removed into disposable sterile containers. While this is occurring, the ozone is added to the blood. After a short period of mixing, the blood is reinfused. 

How long does the procedure take? Does it hurt?

It can take between 30-45 minutes. Aside from the initial small needle stick, there is no pain.

How does ozone therapy work as a natural way of treating heart disease and chronic fatigue?

Ozone therapy strongly stimulates both proper circulation (delivery of oxygen), and proper energy generation (utilization of oxygen). The cells in your body, including the heart (angina), muscles (claudication pain) generate their own energy for use. Oxygen is vital to this process. If the cells can generate enough energy, there will be less fatigue and less pain. Ozone helps with both oxygen delivery and with the way the cells use oxygen once it has been delivered.

Many patients find:

  • less medication is required
  • they can do much more physical activity (walking, exercise, gardening)
  • they can think much more clearly
  • life becomes more normal

How does ozone therapy work as a natural way of treating allergies and sensitivities?

When ozone is added to the blood, it also has effects on the immune cells (white blood cells). Ozone increases the chemicals that immune cells use to communicate with each other. IL-6, IL-12, IFN are all increased. The orchestra of chemicals that is stimulated communicates a rebalancing of the immune system once the blood is reinfused.

How long does it take to feel better?

A typical course of ozone therapy lasts 6-10 treatments, given once to twice a week. Most patients begin to feel better after the 2nd or 3rd treatment.

Does it have to be repeated, or does the effect wear off?

Usually not, especially if nutritional and toxic factors are addressed as well. Occasionally a single touch up treatment is requested every 4-8 weeks, if the condition has been very chronic.

How do I know if I qualify for ozone therapy?

Call our office at 604-275-0163 to schedule an initial consultation. Dr Chan or Dr Ward will go over your medical history in detail and complete necessary physical exams, lab tests.  Generally, if you are looking for a naturopathic alternative to drugs for:

  • angina
  • fatigue
  • poor circulation
  • allergies and sensitivities
  • cardiovascular disease, such as congestive heart failure

you may want to consider ozone therapy.

Are there any negatives to ozone therapy?

A study in Germany showed that ozone is one of the safest medical therapies. There is a slight possibility of allergy to heparin, though this is a commonly used blood thinner. Some patients do not like the site of their own blood, but they quickly become accustomed to this. 

What does ozone therapy cost?

$110 - 120 per treatment.

What are my other naturopathic treatment options?

Dr Chan or Dr Ward will discuss the most appropriate naturopathic procedures for your condition with you. For cardiovascular disease, chelation therapy or plaque-ex may also be an option. These tend to work slightly slower than ozone therapy, so ozone therapy is better if you have significant symptoms.  Naturopathic medicine is general in nature and thus diet, lifestyle, nutritional, and toxic factors will be discussed. This helps to maintain the benefits from ozone therapy.

What advantages does ozone therapy have over other options?

Ozone therapy is one of the fastest ways for patients with cardiovascular disease, fatigue, or allergies/sensitivities to feel better. It is less expensive than invasive procedures such as by-pass or angioplasty. Ozone therapy does not require any recovery time and in fact most patients feel better and younger after treatment. They can drive themselves home after treatment.