Every patient's symptoms and diagnosis are as individual as the patient themselves.  The fee for your initial consultation is $150 to $300 depending on the amount of time.  Consultations with Dr Ward are $300, and consultations with Dr Chan for lyme related cases, including possibly fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are $300. Shorter visits, for conditions such as digestive problems, muscular pain, etc are $150 with Dr Chan. Our receptionist will help discern how much time should be booked. 

This includes a comprehensive history and any necessary physical exam.  For most patients, the duration is one hour. Subsequent office visits are $80 to $150 dollars for consultation, depending on time.  

If you are coming in for a treatment, the only charge is for the specific treatment; there is no additional charge for an office visit (unless a prolonged consultation also takes place). The following list details fees for determining costs of various services provided by Dr Chan or Dr Ward.  

Lab tests vary in pricing as well. We will be happy to look over blood work that you bring in, but we run more comprehensive lab tests than the standard lab tests.  Conventional medicine screens for specific diseases whereas we prefer to screen for overall health.   It is therefore our preference to run our own up-to-date, comprehensive tests.  However, all prices are explained up front and neither treatments nor testing are done without the patient's prior approval. If finances are an issue, treatments and testing may be done in increments. 

Fee Schedule  

Extended Medical Plans usually cover Naturopathic Care. This may include office visits/services, lab tests, or both. It is best to check with your provider. We are not able to directly submit to insurance companies and therefore require full payment at time service is rendered. 

Please note: this fee schedule is provided as a convenience for patients for informed decisions on care recommended in the context of a naturopathic assessment. We only offer IV therapies to current patients after a full assessment and exam, and after discussion of risks and possible benefits.


  Initial Consultation $300

  Short initial consultation with Dr Chan in select cases $150

  Follow-up Consultation $80 - $150

  If a patient is coming for a treatment, there is no office visit charge aside from the cost of the treatment itself.

I.V. Treatments  

  Vitamin Injections or Myer's Cocktail $80

  IV vitamin C (depending on dose of nutrients, range of vitamin C 12.5 g to 75 g) $110-$150

  DMPS Mercury Removal Treatment $120

  EDTA Chelation Therapy $110

  Ozone treatment by Major Autohemotherapy $110-120

  UV Blood irradiation $150

  IV Hydrogen Peroxide $110

Acupuncture $80

Pain treatments

Prolozone therapy $80 

Laboratory Tests (only tests deemed necessary to provide a better clinical picture or that which helps to guide and change treatment are run; these are discussed with the patient first)

Conventional Tests:

Too numerous to list. Usually not expensive, with comprehensive panels in the range of $100-$200.

Advanced Functional and Toxicity tests:

Food Allergy Screen (blood test for IgG4 and IgE antibodies against 100 foods) $320

Heavy Metal Screening: 6-24hr Heavy Metal Urine Test or Challenge $120

24 hour urine adrenal steroid assessment: $320

24 hour urine adrenal and sex hormone assessment $400

Stress / Adrenal Function - saliva $290

Metabolic thyroid panel (TSH, free T3, reverse T3) $260

Female Hormone Panel (11 sample saliva over one month - 24 tests) $500.00

Stool microbiology (candida, bacteria, sensitivities) $220

Lyme western blots: Igenex charges directly to the patient $210 USD, shipping of $80 needed

Babesia duncani, Bartonella and Babesia microti antibodies: Igenex charges patient directly $135 each, shipping of $80 needed

Bartonella, Mycoplasma ELISA: $30 each

Fry Labs smear for biofilm: $550

Fry Labs smear for bartonella like organsims $400

Lyme Eli-spot $350