Dr Eric Chan, ND

Dr. Chan has a special focus on chronic lyme disease, pain, and chronic fatigue. He has post-graduate training and certifications in chelation therapy, acupuncture, oxidative medicine, and prescription drug authority. Because of his patient population, he has developed a strong special interest in infectious causes of chronic illness, including lyme and related illnesses. He is a member of the International Lyme and Associated Illnesses Society (ILADS).


Dr Tawnya Ward, ND

Dr. Ward has a general practice with a special interest in using detoxification and environmental medicine in treating difficult cases.  Dr. Ward's practice focuses on the treatment of allergies, chemical sensitivies, women's hormonal balancing. She has advanced training from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. Dr Ward has attained through post-graduate training certifications in chelation therapy/heavy metal detoxification, acupuncture, prescription drug authority, and oxidative medicine. 


The Pangaea Clinic is located in the scenic Steveston Village of Richmond, BC.  It is at #120 - 12011 Second Ave, with the cross road at Chatham Ave.

Our mission is to intervene with safe, powerful, and rapid natural therapies in order to enable the body to overcome obstacles to cure. In this way our patients will feel, live, and be healthier.

In order to achieve this, our practice is not based solely on "pathological" diagnoses of disease.  Underlying causes are sought, with due weight given to functional disturbances.   

No matter what the diagnosis or the treatment plan, our one and only goal is to have the patient overcome obstacles to cure in order to feel, live, and be healthier.