Chelation therapy is an alternative treatment for various circulatory disorders, including atherosclerosis (fatty deposits on the arteries), and heart disease. We use the traditional ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine) protocol of a 1.5-3 hour drip to reduce calcium scores (and heavy metals) in cardiac patients.  In cases of heavy metal toxicity, the more rapid administration of a different form of EDTA is more useful.  We use this push or drip method in diabetic patients and certain chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia patients.  

Plaque-Ex is a treatment innovation from Switzerland ( It is used in conjunction with traditional chelation therapy in some patients. In a study at Baxamed Medical Center in Switzerland, 20 patients with heart disease and re-occurring angina completed an average of 30 treatments, and 19 out of 20 were completely free of symptoms and medication .

Intravenous Medical Nutrition is the superior method of using vitamins and minerals, along with some herbal medicines, for the purposes of stimulating the body's own healing systems by providing proper nutrition at the cellular level.  A generic name for such a therapy is the Myer's cocktail. This therapy bypasses gastrointestinal absorption problems, but more importantly, is able to achieve an extremely high blood concentration of nutrients beyond what is orally possible.  This high concentration makes it a down-hill process for cellular absorption, and thus "sick" cells are able to absorb nutrients necessary for function and healing.  By reading the Myer's article link, you will find that even in the example of congestive heart failure, diseased heart muscle compared to healthy heart muscle had 1/3rd the amount of intracellular magnesium.