"Adrenal fatigue"

Often times we need to identify and address the body's response to a stressor; be it a mental emotional stressor that we are all accustomed to or a physical stressor such as inflammation and infection that has gone on for too long.

The adrenals respond to this stress with an output of cortisol, which is balanced with DHEA. Sometimes this response is an increased cortisol, which is fine, and other times it is too low - which is not fine. The symptoms associated are a persisting "fight or flight" response, anxiety, and almost always fatigue in the morning and mid afternoon.

In the image attached we have done a salivary analysis and find that the DHEA is low. Cortisol is normal, but there is quite a rapid drop from the morning to mid afternoon. In such a case, licorice is often used as the glycyrrhizin component slows the break down of cortisol - it extends the half life. Our goal in therapy here is to attenuate the fatigue associated, and to monitor for licorice induced hypertension, all while trying to treat the reason why the adrenals are starting to show signs of "stress".