EMF sensitivity - seen a handful of times.

Perhaps the first EMF sensitivity patient I saw was years back, whom I had treated briefly for suspected lyme-like infection based on low cd57 count, multiple positive bands on western blot, and monthly worsening of symptoms after a flu-like illness while camping. At that time - the main complaints were a terrible headache that would be daily but made much worse by working with heavy cameras (worked in the film industry), cell phone use, and wifi.

We treated with a basic combination of doxycycline and metronidazole, and had discussions of how there were many theories about EMF sensitivity, including nitric oxide aberrations, oxidative stress, mycotoxin exposure, psychiatric illness, voltage-gated calcium channel problems in the cells, and lyme exposure as a trigger. 

I spent most of the discussion speaking about the possibilities of calcium channel blockers and nutritional interventions for voltage gated receptors as well as oxidative stress respectively, but we started with lyme treatment.

I didn't hear from him after the initial follow up for about 3 years - in which he had consulted on mainly "fatigue persisting after treatment, headaches and EMF sensitivity was gone after 3 months treatment." Strangely, his EMF and headaches were near cured with a simple treatment, and I say strangely because usually it is multifactorial and takes much longer.

Another patient recently has had good benefit from an initial lyme antibiotic doxycycline treatment, and then mainly adrenal support, sleep support, and especially "grounding and earthing techniques" as described by many including Dr Stephen Sinatra MD 


While still sensitive, overall daily activity and the common "sense of overwhelm" with stimulation, both electrical / energetic as well as overstimulation with the mind has been much improved. I would anticipate a full recovery with longer term immune support (things similar to low dose naltrexone) and further stress reduction and adrenal support.