first post - hopefully for easier updates

Since changing the website from a very dated design approximately 4 years ago, there has not been an update to the basic pages of the site in quite some time. Hopefully this format might make it easier to note some questions or events that happen during the week which might be worth sharing. 

I'll start with a positive. A long time patient of mine described a term that I never had heard of or thought of before, naming a "post-lyme bucket list." This came up because the patient had come into the office to talk about options for treatment if she had a relapse when snow-birding for the winter - something she hadn't been healthy enough to do for some time. I thought it was great that throughout the struggles of treatment, she had a positive mentality to keep a post lyme bucket list and thought it was even more great she could actually do it.

--- this particular breakthrough was quite interesting. Instead of systemic treatment, it came from localized treatment of MARCONS after systemic lyme treatment.