Naturopathic treatment of asthma


Asthma is a very common disease that causes significant reductions in quality of life for patients. Asthma is present in up to 10% of the population. It involves two main components: inflammation, and hyper-reactivity of the airways. Attacks can be mild and limited to a chronic cough, or can be severe with wheezing, shortness of breath, and frequent need for drug medication. Occasionally, symptoms are only present after exercise, or after an infection. 

Contributing causes can include: 

• Environmental, inhaled allergens

• Fungal or mold allergens and sensitivities

• Food allergens, including hidden, frequently consumed allergens (eg in some patients wheat, corn etc)

• Repeated and chronic viral infections

• Chronis sinusitis

• Chemical sensitivities (bleach, chlorine, toluenes)

• Stress 


Depending on information obtained from the history and initial exam, we can find the best natural medicine option for helping. 

Since asthma has as a fundamental airway hyper-reactivity, usually induced by exaggerated inflammation from the immune system, therapies are aimed at rebalancing the immune system. 

Identifying a specific patient’s underlying triggers to asthma (foods such as wheat or dairy, inhalants such as dust mite, pollens, and pet dander, chemicals such as chlorine) is critical.  Environmental control, reducing daily exposure of allergens is important.

Treatments that directly affect the immune system reactivity as a whole can have a profound effect on the severity of asthma. Oxidative naturopathic treatments such as ultraviolet blood irradiation and ozone therapy rapidly rebalance the immune system. These treatments directly affect the white blood cells that are over-reacting, and thus causing the asthma.